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Mar. 12th, 2005 @ 06:07 pm
Look I update yet again. I think i will make it a trend of updating every 6 months or so. But the things is I really dont feel like updating so heres the scoop. School good, chrissy single yay, just got back from florida, getting a free car woot, my friend amanda is getting married will be in indiana in may fooor that, i went to the josh groban concert sat second row and cried, hey people give me your mailing addresses i feel like keeping in touch or something crazy like that. I heart michiganders!

LOOK AT ME I AM UPDATING!!!! Oct. 22nd, 2004 @ 10:27 am
its crazy no that i skip math class reminsice and write in my livejournal which i havent done ummm since ummm march????
dude people some crazy stuff has happened to me since then, some really crazy stuff, straight from having an awesome time in germany to getting chased on a motorcycle with a hot drug dealer driving and now i am in college and totally went the other way, yes chrissy is good girl again and it feels great!!!!!! yea i love college i would marry it! im a music ed german double major and doing great. i am studying in austria next year! I have a hot boyfriend who i have never been so passionate about. his name is afolabi, he is from nigeria and so AWESOME! YAY! i may continue updating, but it depends on my crazy schedule, or if i skip class again, dude people we JUST learned what a triangle was, im telling you its a weee bit easy.
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: Josh Groban...of course

alert the presses i am updating! May. 25th, 2004 @ 11:59 am

WOOOOT! No more hikes skool for the chrissy!


you may think that hey she can update now and not make it seem as tho she is dead, but sorry folks i leave for germany in 6 days and i dont know if i will even be home within those 6. but i am alive and well.

Apr. 8th, 2004 @ 11:40 pm
i hung out with kristen at wal mart and sniffed balls.

Apr. 6th, 2004 @ 11:14 am

-spring break, workin, 50 bux in tips per night, woot
-have a prom date, looks like a sasquatch, whatever he is probably the funniest guy alive
-leno: "here are the top ten cities in the US where the kids drive the nicest cars, #1 hollywood, CA, #2 Cary, NC! where the hell is that" .....right here baby, ASLDKJASIN.
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» love is a movement, love is a revolution
friday: so i left school early to go to boone nc to audition at appalachian state university, while i was in the car i noticed that i had mail, so i opened a letter from uncg and it said congrats on being accepted, JUBILATION...as i continued to call people and tell them, almost everyone, i noticed that the letter was made out to dear student, susupicious, so i called to school of music and they said no you are still on the waiting list. which makes perfect sense, because i wasnt rejected and they couldnt officially accept me until tomorrow. so i left a few messeges to a few professors asking them to figure things out...but they couldnt call me, because we were in the moutains. so we get to boone, eat at his awesome resturaunt in blowing rock, stay in this awesome hotel and go to the gap outlet, o baby. then ice cream...heaven!

saturday: drive around town, dilly dally, shop, sight see. then i go to the university and check in and warm up...i went there for music camp last summer, for almost the whole summer, so i was familliar. i only warmed up for like 10 minutes and was all psh, i dont feel like it. so then i go and audition, totally laid back, not nervous, but because i didnt warm up i probably gave the worst performance of my pieces, luckily i didnt have to play scales...but they accepted me on the spot, and they knew about greensboro???? i dunno so then i came home, nice sunny day, chilled a bit and then me and lauren went out and stalked kirsten and hung out at gypsies shiny diner and went to barnes and noble, dan brown is my official favorite author

sunday(today): wake up, go to church, hang out with the church chicas, they all are going to uncg, we go to the mongolian grill, get pedicures (stronly recommend, o baby), then went to cold stone creamery. then i came home started organizing my room like a maniac, even tho its already clean and dr scott rawls calls and long story short he has invited me to join his viola studio next fall! O BABY!!! so i am fully exceited.
» (No Subject)
[1] first name: Christina
[4] nickname(s): Chrissy, kiki, chrissitina, weezer, natascha
[5] sex : female
[6] age: 17
[7] b-day : july 9 1986
[8] height : 5'5"
[9] hair color : bleach Blonde
[10] eye color : crap brown
[11] race : white
[12] do you think this is stupid already: im tired angry and procrastinating
[13] do you have braces: NO
[14] is your hair long or short: short and messy
[15] where were you born: MICHIGAN
[16] current location: my bonus room, in cary
[17] zodiac sign: cancer
[18] how many languages do you know: american, german
[19] nationality : DEUTSCH
[20] bad habits : chocolate
[21] piercings you have : 7
[22] piercings you want: nose, belly
[23] tattoos you have : getting one shortly
[24] tattoos you want: rose
[25] todays date : March 18, 2004
[26] the time: 5:53 pm
[27] ready for a bunch more questions: toll
[28] do you have any pets: no...not really, mwahaha
[29] what are their names: no
[30] what kind of animals are they: ^
[31] are you still in school: Yes
[32] did you drop out: sure except i am IN school
[33] current gpa: 3.4
[34] favorite grade: 97.6
[35] least favorite grade: 82
[36] favorite teacher: ummm, francis bryant, just b/c he is the only one to beat me in the insult game
[37] least favorite teacher: mr fucking wilson
[38] favorite subject: ELP, for the debates yo
[39] least favorite subject: APES, b/c i have to work
[40] do/did you buy lunch or bring lunch: went to brandons house
[41] play any sports on the school's team: psh, not allowed 2
[42] do/did you do any extracurricular activities: Orchestra, orchestra, orchestra
[43] are/was you popular: psh not
[44] favorite dance: THE HAPPY DANCE,,,or swing, so much fun. sexy tango
[45] favorite memory: going swimming taking my top off to wave down an old man on a jet ski in broad day-light, btw, it was my bra, i forgot my bathing suit
[46] least favorite memory: moving
[47] most humiliating moment: hmmmm flashing someone
[48] number: 7
[49] clothing brand: clearance rack...gap
[50] shoes: converse, flip flops
[51] saying: you wish, your face
[52] tv show: american idol....SNL!
[53] sport: socca...however rugby is awesome
[54] vegetable: broccoli
[55] fruit: pineapple/strawberry
[56] movie: beauty and the beast
[57] magazine: no
[58] actor: johnny
[59] actress: yea um idc
[60] candy: reeces
[61] gum: orbit
[62] scent: lilli
[63] candy bar: dark chocolate
[64] ice cream flavor: all
[65] color: red
[66] season: Summer
[67] holiday: Christmas
[68] singer: josh groban
[69] group: switchfoot
[70] rapper: vanilla ice
[71] type of music: rock, michael bolton, opera, exact (aka classical, ask me sometime as to why the term classical is incorrect)
[72] thing in your room: my insanely tall bed
[73] place to be: my own island
[74] radio station: WCPE
[75] t.v channel: Comedy Central
[76] junk food: peanut butter anything
[77] overall food: pasta
[78] store: target
[79] shoe brand: cozy
[80] fast food: taco bell
[81] restaurant: chillies, jack astors, biaggis
[82] shape: square
[83] time of day: evening
[84] country: germany
[85] state: florida
[86] boys name: dieter
[87] girls name: anastasia
[88] mall: southpointe
[89] video game: escape from monkey island
[90] shampoo: panteen
[91] board game: life
[92] computer game: red alert
[94] music video: dont have one
[98] cartoon character: stewie
[99] scary movie: gremlins
[100] team: my team
[101] possession: viola
[102] eminem: whitey
[103] dog: super mamals
[104] hot: josh groban?
[105] britney spears: no please no
[106] nsync: sexy
[107] real world: never watched and dont plan too
[108] orange: its okay i guess
[109] choice: thats nice
[111] bisexual: heh NO
[112] black: related to aretha franklin
[115] linkin park: really great o no chrissy is pissed music
[116] jack: off
[117] rainbow: gay
[118] cherry: shirley temple
[119] cucumber: green
[120] shark: lovers
[121] lifehouse: no
[122] bat: screetch
[123] leather: red jacket
[124] whip: cream
[125] america: false advertising corrupt nothing
[126] water: tastes good
[127] volcano: hott
P R I V A T E L I F E .
[172] do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: nooo
[173] do you have a crush: sure
[174] do you love anyone right now: my friends
[175] have you ever been in love: yes
[176] how many people have you kissed: one
[177] who was your first real kiss: rich
[178] how many hearts have you broken: a lot
[179] how many people broke your heart: 1
[180] best quote to sum up love: wonderful, no regrets
[181] so what is your bf/gf/crush like: hilarious, clever, cool
[182] do you have a picture of him/her: yup
[183] please post it if you do: heh no
[184] do you have a picture of yourself: o baby i do
[185] please post it if you do: you wish
[186] do you go by looks or personality: Both.
[187] ever kiss a friend: yup
[188] are you still friends: yup
[199] are you a virgin: yes and damn proud too
[200] if no, when was the last time you got some:
[201] bungee jump: hell ya
[202] sky dive: ^^
[203] swim with dolphins: mos def
[204] scuba dive: with a sexy man yes
[205] go rock climbing: have and love to do
[207] turn your back on your friends for personal gain: NEVER
[208] steal a friends bf/gf: friends always come first in situtions like that
[209] cross-dress: have done
[210] lie to the police: perhaps
[211] run from the police: will never need to...
[212] lie to your parents: have
[213] walk up to a stranger and kiss them: yup
[214] be an exotic dancer: o yes
[215] walk out of a restaurant without paying: ......
[216] streak: hmmm, contemplates, perhaps if i was really wasted
. F R I E N D S .
[217] best girl friend: kirsten here, colleen/elizabeth in michigan
[218] best guy friend: my brother
[219] known longest: jamie
[220] wish you talked to more: everyone
[221] wish you saw more: MICHIGANDERS
[222] how many friends do you think you have: a lot
[223] who drives you insane after a while: eek yea, umm, a lot?
[224] who can you stay around forever and never get sick of: My true friends.
[225] ever lose a good friend because you went to the next level: no
[226] craziest: lorea
[227] loudest: kirsten
[228] shyest: dont know shy people
[232] can always make you laugh: everyone
[233] most athletic: lauren
[236] shortest: stef
[237] tallest: kir

. H A V E Y O U E V E R .
[244] flashed someone: Yes
[245] told the person you liked how you felt: Sure
[246] been to Michigan: Of course, I lived there!
[248] gone to jail or juvi: No
[249] skateboarded: nope
[250] skinny dipped: Yes
[251] stolen anything: Yes
[254] pegged someone in the head with a snowball: everyday
[255] broken a beer bottle: nope, smashed a can?
[256] gotten into a bar: Yes
[258] gone on a road trip: Yes...
[259] gone on vacation without adult supervision: nooo, dang
[260] been to a concert: JA
[261] been to another country: canada
[262] talked back to an adult: hehe, its my huge flaw
[263] got pulled over: nope
[264] got in a car accident: nope
[265] broke a law: speeding is against the law
[266] given money to a homeless person: yes
[267] tried to kill yourself: nope
[268] cried to get out of trouble: heh yes, pathetic
[269] kissed a friends brother or sister: no
[270] kissed a brother or sisters friend: no
[271] dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it anyways: duh who wouldnt
. O P I N I O N .
[272] what do you think about pop music: its not too horrible, but no
[273] about boy bands: i was a freak
[274] about flag burning: Pro-burning.
[275] of the war on terrorists: no say
[276] about suicide: def no
[277] about people that try to force their opinions on you: morons who are insecure
[278] about abortion: its up to the couple
[279] about rock/metal music: SUPER
[280] where do you think you'll be in 10 years: sucessful, married to a hot sex machine and happy
[281] who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: same folks + more
» (No Subject)
gave lesson to bastard kid, super headache and stoamach ache, practice,apes outline, elp paper, and german paper. i have to go back next thursday to get my liscence because i suck at 3 pointe turns, bastard, i did it, but nooot to his standards, i think he had male pms, but i think i am seriously going to hurl, i feel bad for the kid, b/c i am in a super bad mood.

some poems i wrote in the past:

--wrote in 8th grade, i was even an environmentalist then...btw i won a contest for it

as i lay here in the valley, i can see, hear, smell, feel, and wonder, is this what life should be like?
seeing the grass sway, the wind howl, and animals wander about
hearing the gentle sound of the graass flwoing like the ocean and the circkets making sweet music as a violin
smelling the ecent of fresh rain
feeling the wind blow over my skin, and the grass swaying, coming over to tickle me
then, suddenly i turn around and see the horrifying sight of pollution coming over to take this wonderful sight away.
it was theni that i realized this is the way life should be, peaceful and beautiful

wrote in my sophomore year:

I wish noting more than to see you glad,
to see you sing beneath the swelling sun,
your eyes twinkle beneath the oblivious moon.
your smile though it be not in sight, torments my heart with joy
meaking me waery to know i shall soon see it no more, o, please let it not be true
nothing more can make me glad, o' please

smile for me, sing for me, please,
dance with me just one more time if only it be in our eyes
look into my heat, tell me what you see, please dont leace, what do you see?
i want to leave this life knowing no more than that my heart was given and received,
please, take it, for no more do i long to keep it, please
i shall miss this feeling of loving only you,
more than anything

ironically colleen was in both of those classes with me, i really remeber, leggett and ms b ...wooot!
» (No Subject)
Good times my friends.

I am an official waitress at bob evans~would you like some pie to go??

I get my liscence tomorrow and then woot!

I had some hommies, Kristen and Brandon over for sloppy joes for lunch today, and they couldnt get over as to how clean my house was. I must take a poll, those michiganders who remember, just how clean was my house???

Lorea is calling me marylin monroe, yea thats how cool my hair is
» busy busy bee
today: laundry, deal with shicrap, viola, homework, sleep
tuesday: school, symphony, chamber, sleep
wenesday: symphony, school, give lessons, interview at bob evans, practice majorly
thursday: school, LISCENCE! PRACTICE
friday: leave school early, leave for boone
saturday: audition
sunday: hanging out with some girls from church

did i mention sleep?
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